Home Decor: Door Knobs and Knockers

One very small way to add more details in your home decor is with door knobs and a door knocker. A beautiful door knob and knocker on the entrance door will pique the interest of all those who door by. Before you even answer the door they are already interested in what the rest of your home looks like. It's kind of like a great first impression. People get a great first impression of your home by what the outside of the front door looks like. In my future home I would love a door that is an unusual color like turquoise or green and then I want it to have a beautifully detailed door knob and knocker. Below are some of my favorites that I have seen online:

What are your thoughts on these? I especially love the top two door knobs and that fox knocker. I know Tracy would want a lion for her door knocker. Would you want an animal knocker or some other kind?
I know some people do not have a ton of space to design and decorate in their homes and that's the great thing about door knobs. You have to have them and they don't take up any extra floor space. So why not make them interesting and unique? Why not have people reach for the knob and then go, "Oh! This is so cute. Where did you get these?"

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  1. So gorgeous, I love the first one. I love doors, so finding the right handle for it is important, all of these are fantastic xx

  2. ohh love these! I really like the top two, they look so vintage :) and the tree door knob! it's so unique!

  3. Ah I love the vintage detailing on some door knobs especially if they are attached to a really old door that's had some wear and use.

  4. I love cool door knobs like these. They definitely help give character to a place.


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