What to Wear: Digital Print Top

I find myself liking digital print tops more and more. I love the images and colors that can be combined in these prints. I also love the out of this world look some digital print fashion items have. My favorites would have to be digital prints that incorporate the stars or the galaxy in some way. Because of my new found obsession with them this week's #whattowear is about digital print tops. I think that will most digital print tops you want to keep the rest of your look toned down a little, especially if your top has went wild with color. Below I have paired a digital print top with a black leather skirt and gold metallic heels to add some edge to the look. I keep the rest of the look pretty simple with a small cuff, handbag, and nail polish. What are your thoughts on digital print tops or dresses?

Digital Print Top

Floral Digital Print Top - Michael Kors Handbag - Julep Nail Polish Avery - Feather Cuff Bracelet - Gold Metallic Pumps - Leather Skirt

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  1. such cool prints!
    I'm eyeing for a leather skirt too :3

  2. I love this look! The floral top is so pretty.

  3. Love that image... the girl with the bangs is fierce and she's certainly selling the digital print.

    Jules of Canines & Couture

  4. I love this look & those gold shoes, talk about a great outfit!

  5. I have yet to find myself the perfect digi-print top, I really like the styling with the cute skirt and fabulous heels

  6. I have been liking digital print more and more as well. I love the one you picked out and those gold heels are so cute!

  7. That would be a very cool looking outfit! Love those tops!

  8. Great prints! :-) xx

  9. I know the print trend is super exciting and fun. Makes shopping that much more enjoyable and is a far cry from my goth days : O

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken


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