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Do you find that you sometimes absolutely crave some alone time? I find myself wishing for some from time to time. Around here it is very difficult for me to have some alone time. Right now I really have been so busy that I have barely been at home until almost bedtime. Between work, tutoring after school, my night class, and errands that I have to run I am just busy, busy, busy. Then when I find myself at home there are always others around so no alone time.
On those rare occasions when I do happen to find myself at home alone for the day, I take full advantage of it. I am lazy and indulgent. I allow myself to get by with a few things that I normally would not do, especially around others. I can spend the whole day in my pajamas without anyone knowing. They are just so comfy! Who doesn't spend the day in pajamas occasionally? Then there is also the fact that if I have no plans of going anywhere and no fear of someone dropping by, I just may go all day without brushing my hair. When someone does pop up at the door unexpectedly I have to run for my brush before I can answer. The worst thing? I can spend the majority of the day in bed watching cartoons and reruns of shows like Project Runway while munching on a bag of Doritos, which will most likely end up empty by the end of the day. How do you spend those rare days alone when you manage to get one?

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  1. With two girls and a husband, quiet time doesn't come very often. I sometimes lock myself in the bathroom for a bath, but even then I have knocks on the door to come in, haha. One really does need some genuine time to themselves, you need to recharge, clear the mind and just be silent with yourself. I hope you find time soon :)) xx

  2. Totally agree - alone time is vital! I love a nice long bath with a book xo

  3. Totally agree for me too!
    I love to stay alone for a long beauty bath!


  4. I'm a person who definitely NEEDS her alone time. Even if it's just a few hours wandering the city by myself, it always feels like a recharge!

  5. having some me time is so important to function not only to have a bit of space to collect your thoughts, but I feel it makes you a better person with all the “stuff/noise/buzz” going on in everyday life.

  6. lovely post! The photo is just so perfect and really chic! Looking forward to reading your next post.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  7. I was seriously considering calling in sick today just so I could get stuff in my personal life done. It's insane how busy we are with work, social life, and personal time.

  8. Agreed! My alone time is in the bath tub with a good book!


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