The Sunday Edition

It has been a crazy busy week and weekend and I don't see things slowing down until November! For that reason I am keeping The Sunday Edition short and sweet today.

RED Valentino dresses like this one are always so dreamy.

I have the hugest soft spot in my heart for cats so this sweater would be perfect for staying cozy this Fall.

I really want this pair of flats and these amazing ankle boots.

I really want to stress that it is basically essential that you make the time to check out these blogs: Jade and Oak, Always Maylee, The Blog of Worldly Delights, Canines and Couture, and The Glossy Life.

Oh and I cannot forget about Hope in High Heels for some of the most beautiful photos of dreamy locations. Also, make sure you follow her on Instagram.

This week I became fascinated with Harper's Bazaar's "My List 24 Hours" and read each article in the series during whatever free time I managed. I think it is wonderful that Diane von Furstenburg with a kind gesture for someone each day.

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