Must Have: Comfy Tee

A tee is a fashion staple in every closet. When I think of tees, a plain white tee immediately pops into my mind. Is that the first type of tee you think of? While a plain white tee is a closet staple because you can wear it in so many different ways. When paired with jeans or shorts you have the perfect casual look, pair a plain white tee with a skirt and you have a playful look. You can even transition your plain white tee into a work appropriate look with a blazer and pencil skirt or slacks.
Plain white tees are not the only tees a girl needs though. Right now I am thinking about comfy tees. You know those cute but comfy tees that you rely on when you have places to go and things to get accomplished but don't feel like being stuck in anything that is the slightest bit uncomfortable? I wish I could wear comfy tees to work everyday. Do you have a favorite comfy tee? My favorite comfy tee would have to be a purple tee that I have with the John Lennon quote, "There are no problems, only solutions." It is just so soft!

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  1. Completely agree, I love simple white t-shirts! :)

  2. Love anything that is comfy!! :))

    great post!


  3. I love comfy tees. Especially pairing them with a skirt to make them look chic like the photo of Ashley from Revenge you posted.

  4. my favorite tee right now is my black gap pure v-neck! years ago, i never wore tees...i'm still picky about them, but love them now!

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  5. All of these are great, I like to relax in tshirts :) xx

  6. Very great styles!! :)
    I love the last one the most! Especially the hair style <3

  7. nice style, i like the last picture. oh yes the first picture- gorgeous hairdo

  8. Dress style I like, simple yet stylish flavor

  9. I agree with your post but I guess white tee is a must have cause' you can match it to anything! Keep in touch! x


  10. I agree! White T's are some versatile.


  11. I need that tiger tee at the top and that eagle tee at the bottom! Fierceness!


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