Weather the Storm: Weather Vanes

One quirky little item that I would want in my future home is a weather vane. I find them to be so whimsical and cute. I haven't decided yet what I want to be on the weather vane, but wouldn't it be awesome to find an old weather vane at the flea market or something? The weather vane does not have to be placed at your home just for its function. I want one simply because I find them beautiful. Also, they make great home decor items. In the pictures above you see them used as centerpieces for tables and as decorative items in a garden.
I would love to have a beautiful flower garden near my home. It does not have to be very big. I would want some colorful flowers to attract butterflies. A bench would be necessary so that I or others could sit and enjoy the garden or maybe relax with a good book. A weather vane would be the perfect item to give my garden a little something extra. What do you think? Do you know what kind of weather vane you would want? I have read that roosters, horses, and ships are three of the most common types of weather vanes. I think I would want something a little more unique, although I love that gold horse weather vane above.

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  1. I love these, I always wanted to live in a house that looked like the Addams Family house and have one of these on top, haha :)) Would be awesome xx

  2. Love them!!!
    The one with kitty in it is so cute!^^


  3. the cat weather vane definitely caught my attention! How adorable :)

  4. lovely post! and as always, photos are just so chic. Can't wait for the next post.

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  5. Just today I posted about the collaboration between PB Teen and Current & Elliott... a weather vane is part of their collection!
    I love the ones you have here- so pretty and fun!

  6. I love cool weather vanes. Unfortunately, I have no place for them in NYC.


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