The Sunday Edition

I read a bunch of interesting blog posts this week, that I would love to share with you. If you need some reading material for this weekend you should drop by these blogs.

Aree with Umbrella had an amusing blog post on what she has learned from Disney movies this week. I loved it! I learned almost all of those things as well.

Jessica from the blog Here & Now had a very sweet blogger spotlight this week. You should check it out and that blog that she spotlights.

Are you feeling hungry for some Italian? Then you need the recipe posted at Dutchess Roz blog this week.

Life with Emily posted about Blogtember and getting back into a regular routine with blogging a few days ago. Will you be participating?

Plane Pretty had a post about beautiful ways to display and organize your nail polish. If you collect polish like I do then you definitely need to check out these ideas!

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