What to Wear: Stripes and Polka Dots

Stripes and polka dots are two very classic prints. They also happen to be my favorite two prints. Floral prints come in at a close third in my book. My closet is filled with items that have stripes or polka dots. I have always worn the two separately. Recently I have seen so many beautiful pictures on pinterest and on other blogs of mixing the two together. I have to say that I love this. On my last shopping trip I purchased a beautiful striped shirt with a sheer polka dot layer on top! It is my new favorite.
This new found obsession has led me to have this #whattowear post o mixing patterns. Specifically mixing stripes and polka dots. What are your opinions? Do you love stripes and polka dots? Separately, mixed, or both? Here is my suggestion:
Stripes and Polka Dots

Onyx Studs - Polka Dot Top - Stripe Pants - Crystal Bracelet - Bulletin Board - Michael Kors Heels

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  1. I have yet to try this myself but I love the look of mixing stripes and polka dots - I would definitely try it!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Adore that combo–I wish I could re-create it!

  3. totally in love with the first outfit!!


  4. Gorgeous! I love that mix!

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  5. This is beautiful! I love polka dots and stripes :)

  6. I love them together! It's such a cute, fun way to mix it up!

  7. Oh I love the idea of this. It look so cute in that photo.


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