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Have many of us forgotten the golden rule?

I was shocked recently to read so much negative criticism of certain bloggers and to hear that so many bloggers receive hurtful comments. While I typically practice "if you cannot say something nice do not say anything at all" I will admit that constructive criticism is a good thing if given privately (like via email) and respectfully. However, lately I have read a lot of content about other bloggers that cannot be described as anything but mean and hateful. Many of these comments went beyond discussing blog content to passing judgment on the bloggers personal lifestyle choices, personality, and even physical looks.

I understand that by blogging we do in many respects put ourselves out there but that is no reason for anyone to act behind the screen on internet anonymity to attack someone on a personal level. We are all adults and can simply choose not to read blogs we do not like without hurting feelings and spreading negativity.

I have been extremely fortunate as me and Jessica have only ever received kind, helpful, and positive comments from anyone who has taken the time to email, comment our blog, or send us a tweet. Plus, everyone in this wonderful blogging community that I have ever reached out to including most recently Jackie, Raquel, Priscila, and Victoria have been nothing but open, insightful, and encouraging. This is the attitude Jessica and I hope to extend to everyone who reaches out to us and that we hope each of you experience.

“Always show more kindness than seems necessary, because the person receiving it needs it more than you will ever know.” – Colin Powell

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  1. Luckily people have been kind on my blog. I have gotten some comments from fashion bloggers passing not very nice words for what I'm wearing, but I just ignore them. They weren't wearing anything I thought was special in their post, but I don't feel the need to knock someone. We all have to find our own way & for some it's rougher. So, we should make life easier for ourselves and others to just be kind. It doesn't cost anything. Have a sweet week dolls xx

  2. I completely agree with you and think that Colin Powell quote is great. It's awful when bloggers attack one another.

  3. so so true. it is shocking that people can get so mean and be so rude. i've had nothing but good comments and interactions as well (except for one random sorta mean email that i got once). i might not always agree with what a blogger writes, but i don't feel the need to put them down about it. the golden rule is definitely important to remember :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. Thanks for mentioning me Tracy : ) Supporting other bloggers is what we NEED TO DO! Having other bloggers to support each other is what you need to be successful & sane. All that jealous competition is nuts, stressful & causes premature wrinkles ; )

  5. Agree so much! I'm new to blogging and have heard a lot of rude things floating around the internet about others! So hurtful for no reason. Positive vibes is what you need to have.


  6. I have always wondered why anyone would take the time out from their day to be rude to someone. It's so mean and hateful. Positive people!

  7. I think this is such a good topic and I've definitely seen other bloggers also mention cruel comments. It's so much easier to be positive and before I started my blog I was so worried of mean comments and thought they'd happen all the time, when in reality, almost everyone is super positive and nice so even if there is a hater now and then, it's not as bad as I expected. :) Great write up on this subject.


  8. Agree 100% - we have to stick together! Sad you've seen some negativity lately.


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