Wise Words

It was definitely a struggle to get my eyes open and my feet moving this morning. Having a four day weekend was wonderful. I had time to go shopping and to grab lunch with one of my best friends, Deidra. I had time to hang out with my siblings and catch up on DVR'ed shows. Then I also spent a day traveling to see my aunt, who is getting along much better after her car accident a couple of months ago than I would have expected. I also had time to almost complete my Christmas Shopping! YAY! So all in all, I would say I had a very productive weekend. Today was back to work with an early morning alarm going off. I love my job but I greatly dislike waking up so early! How did your weekend go?

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  1. I had also long weekend, delicious!


  2. My weekend was fabulous. One of the best I've had in a long time. :)


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. My weekend was full of work!

  4. wow. Your have passed a nice weekend!! I havd many things to do too. I went to climb the mountain and went shopping with my friend.

    Robe pour vous

  5. soooooo cute the cat and the words are soooo true :-)

    Have a great Day dear!

    xoxo Kira

  6. You had a great weekend! It's awesome that your Christmas shopping is almost done. I have yet to begin. My weekend was nice too as I celebrated my 5 year anniversary. :-)

  7. Precious and such true words!! This week is seeming like a blur to me, I feel a bit tired xx


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