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I am a hopeless romantic. I get weepy during chick flicks (does anyone actually what the last scenes of My Best Friend's Wedding without getting teary eyed?), stories that end with the phrase "happily ever after" are my favorites, and I believe in soul mates and butterflies. So it makes perfect sense that I love everything about weddings, the gathering of friends and family, the romance, the pretty dresses, the abundance of flowers, and the sweets.

Over the weekend my sister got married. The entire event was beautiful and took place at the Red Mile and the reception was held at the historic Round Barn. Coming on the heels of my sister's wedding I thought it would be fun to know what your wedding was like if you are married (and would you do anything differently) and if you are not married please share what your dream wedding would be like.

I am someone who loves tradition and would typically describe myself as being a person drawn to lavish over the top glamorous things but as I have gotten older my idea of a dream wedding has become in a sense more simplistic and intimate. My dream wedding would take place some where special and memory making like Paris or one of the thousands of beautiful places in Italy. I picture being surrounded by only a handful of very close family members and friends. Also breaking from the traditional white gown, I would love a dress in pale pink or blush and maybe Elie Saab inspired (like these or this). My bouquet would be simple and include Sweet William flowers (maybe similar to this or this) which are my favorite and were given to me by my Papaw who passed away when I was a child. I would like for us to write our own vows and after the ceremony to treat our guests to a hearty meal that would hopefully include lots of cheese, pasta, and crusty breads (my favorite foods) in a candlelight restaurant.

Jessica's dream wedding would take place in a wintry, snow covered landscape during Winter with the ceremony occurring on a twinkling white light covered gazebo. She images being dressed in an ivory ballgown (similar to this) completely lacking of anything sparkly. Her wedding would also involve a horse drawn sleigh and a bouquet of white Ranunculus (like this).

Now it is your turn. Please share.

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  1. I wore a pink dress long before it was en vogue and I never regretted it! I only wish I was more adamant about what I wanted vs. trying to please everyone.

  2. So wonderful...many years of happiness to your sister, so precious!! xx

  3. Our wedding was beautiful, but too short. If I could do it over, I'd buy more time at the venue! Otherwise, it was perfect- springtime wedding in a garden, ribbons hanging from the arbor, simple reception, only a few close friends and family.

  4. Your dream wedding sounds beautiful and I hope you get it one day! I had a wonderful summer wedding with an outdoor ceremony overlooking the water and the boston skyline. It was exactly how I pictured!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Both of your dream weddings sound amazing! I first got started blogging by sharing my wedding planning journey and story, so feel free to check it out via my Bicoastal Bride blog @ http://bicoastalbrideblog.blogspot.com/. Our theme was "California Romance," and I loved getting married in my hometown surrounded by close family members and friends.

  6. oh they both sound like beautiful occasions! I'm wishing you could make them come true some day!

    well, I love travelling and my style is very urban chic so I imagine I get married abroad (Italy, Prague) with our families only and then having this huge formal party to celebrate the occasion with our friends and relatives. Like it's both our birthdays and we celebrate them together, nothing too wedding-y.
    I imagine a minimal pastel coloured maxi dress and sandal heels and a nice tuxedo with a narrow black tie for my husband. well, I can get carried away writing about it, so I'm gonna go now :)

    kisses girls!


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