Friday Favorites

Satchels have always been one of my favorite type of bags. I just love the structure to them and all of the details that can come with the zippers and buckles used on most of them. I also love the fact that they are perfect for me to carry things back and forth to the school where I teach and they are perfect for me taking things to the college where I can taking a night class. I also just like having a satchel bag for my every day purpose. I know some people think satchel bags are too big, but they are the perfect size for me. They are large enough for all of the stuff I want to carry, but look more put together than some other bags. What are your thoughts on satchel bags?


Cambridge Oxblood Satchel - Armani Purple Satchel - 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel - Loeffler Randall Polka Dot Satchel - Michael Kors Nude Satchel

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  1. I need a new bag really, these are stunning. Love one in the picture even!! Have a wonderful weekend dolls, I hope you have some fun xx

  2. That white satchel is a great one

  3. i like all the bags.. i ma crazy for bags!!!! well done with this post!!!
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  4. Love Love the Mickael Kors Satchel !

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  5. Structured bags are definitely my favorite too. I'm actually in the market for a new one!

  6. Oooo I really like the maroon looking one, my bags get dirty quite easily, so i always pick a darker coloured bag to mask the dirt :/

  7. Satchels are my FAVORITE! I love them. I want a Cambridge Satchel so, so much!

  8. I completely agree! I love satchels. All your picks are so cute. I love the red and navy one.


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