Stylish For Less: Dainty Jewelry

I have such a huge love for statement pieces especially jewelry ( this being a current favorite) that I seldom get dressed without including one in my look. As much as I love statement jewelry I have come to realize that it is important to have a nice balance of daintier pieces that I can rely on. This, this, and this are among my favorite but I have rounded up many other great options below.

Stylish For Less: Dainty Jewelry Under $100

Glitz Bar Pendant / Petite Baguette Solitude Ring / Tiny Baguette Ring / Alphabet Letter Initial Ring / Birthstone Crystal Necklace / Bow Studs / Victorian Baguette Stud Earrings / Cyrstal and Faux Pearl Stud Earrings / Taner Bar Necklace / Nailhead Bangle / Alphabet Coin Bracelet / Neon Knox Bracelet / Love Bird Stud Earrings / Small Round Stud Earrings
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  1. Such pretty pieces! I either go very delicate, or very chunky - nothing in between!

  2. Gorgeous choices, I tend to opt for daintier pieces of jewelry to be honest!

  3. Love those little birds!

  4. Thin chains and little simple bracelets are my favorites!

  5. I just love jewellery whether it's statement pieces or pretty dainty items - it just depends on my outfit! Your cute bow ring is gorgeous.


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