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This year at school I am one of the senior sponsors. This means that I am one of the lucky teachers that gets to help the senior class fund-raise all year long for their senior trip. We also get to make sure the trip is planned, booked, and that we try to make everyone happy with what we end up choosing. Senior trip is always a big deal to these kids. They live in a small town that does not even have any stop-lights. In town there is one set of caution lights. Town is very small, just a couple of blocks. Other than being a small town this is also a very poor area. Most of the kids have not ever traveled out of the state of Kentucky, so the senior sponsors try to plan a great trip for the students.
This year we have a great group of kids to work with. They have elected officers that really take this seriously. They have been promoting fund-raisers and making sure their fellow classmates sign up to volunteer. This past Saturday we had one fund-raiser in our small town. The students had a class yard-sale and bucket shake. A lot of the students that are planning on going on the senior trip did show up to work at 8am in the morning. We stayed until about 1:00pm when things started slowing down. My nose got very cold and while it was not ideal temperatures most of the kids worked really hard and stayed the whole time.
This year the senior class has voted to go to Ocean City, MD for their trip. The other sponsors and I have been researching their destination and trying to narrow down what we will do while there. I have never been to Ocean City so really have no clue. Have any of you been? Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I hope you have a fun time, it sounds wonderful. I loved doing fund raisers and going on trips at school. I am sure you will do well and have fun time xx

  2. haven't been since i was a kid! they'll have a great time. ps: the dog on my post is mine!

  3. We went to ocean city in 2006 and it was great. We mostly just played on the beach, but we did do putt putt. I had no clue you live in Kentucky! I do as well, in Covington by Cincinnati. I love my KY!
    Good luck to your seniors!

  4. aww that is so great you are helping the kids to travel somewhere new. i've actually never been to ocean city either, even though it's really not that far from me. hopefully you all have a great time!!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  5. I went to Ocean City when I was a teen and really liked it so I think you're kids will like it too! It was a great change for a midwestern girl like me.

  6. Wow, how beautiful picture love love love!!!!

  7. First of all, I think that's so nice! Kudos to you for dedicating your time. That's wonderful. I've never even heard of the place. Try TripAdvisor to see what's in the area.


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