Dress Coats

Here we have already have several days of very cold weather, which led me to pull out my big, thick coat out of the back of the closet. Most days I don't wear a coat that is very thick or warm because on my way to work, I am not outside for very much time. This year though I have decided that I would love to have a new coat. In my search for a new coat I have come across pictures of beautiful skirted coats or dress coats. I love that these coats have swishy skirts that a girl can twirl in. I don't wear skirts or dresses very often, but if I did I would love a coat like the ones above. What are your thoughts on these coats?

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  1. The sweet femininity of this style of coat is really pretty!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. i think these are so feminine and pretty. it's one of those things i wish i could wear here. if we had cold weather, i'd definitely add one of these (especially one like the first) to my wardrobe!

  3. I love the dress coats. It looks so chic!

  4. These are adorable.


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