The Sunday Edition

This weekend hasn't exactly gone as planned. What I had initially planned on doing is not what I have ended up doing at all. Which isn't a bad thing. I had a great day yesterday and managed to knock off a few things on my to do list earlier than I thought I would. So, just because things don't go how you planned doesn't mean they won't be good. Right?

Do you still have some shopping to do? I loved THIS splurge vs. steal article over at Marie Claire. It definitely had some great options in it that are a little friendlier to your wallet. Maybe if you have your holiday shopping completed, you can buy for yourself now?

If you do still need to complete your shopping here Vogue had a wonderful gift list. You will find some great ideas there.

Vanessa over at Circle of Chaos had a great beauty product post this week. Check it out and see if you share the same favorite black nail polish.

This week Amanda at Eclectic Snapshotsshared her Christmas wishlist. Almost ever item on hers, I would love to add to my wishlist!

This week over at Living in a Shoe, Laura had such a beautiful fashion post, here. Isn't her hat just adorable?

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  1. Happy Sunday doll! Am glad you got some things done, but I hope you find some relaxation time too :)) xx

  2. Completely agreed, somethings things don't go according to plan for good reason. Happy Sunday!

  3. Happy Sunday. I will have my shopping done today.

  4. happy sunday


  5. I hate when I have a full day and nothing goes according to plan. But as long as I got other chores done, it is not as bad. Happy Sunday.

  6. I love weekends that turn out totally not like you had planned!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I always love a good splurge vs steal article! Have a good week! <3

  8. That is a cute hat that Lauren has!


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