What to Wear: Finishing Your Christmas Shopping

Over the weekend I went on a massive shopping trip with Tracy and finished up my Christmas shopping. When it comes to Christmas shopping, the later you wait the more stressful it will become. I love browsing the stores searching for the perfect presents for my family and friends. Gifts that they will love and use. As Christmas nears though, the stores are loud and super crowded, traffic is horrible, and the weather gets more iffy. What are your thoughts?
For those reasons, if you still have shopping to do you want to dress comfortably and warm. But of course you still want to look amazing. For me this would involve pants, warm coat, and flats. Below is an example of a look I would wear if I still had Christmas shopping to do.

What to Wear: Finishing Your Christmas Shopping

Michael Kors Jaguar Print Skinny Jeans - BaubleBar Crystal Stud Earrings - Chambray Shirt - Michael Kors Asymmetrical Zip Jacket - Gold Buckle Ankle Boots

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  1. those booties are amazing! perfect for shopping in style! Heart of Chic

  2. Loving those leopard trousers!


  3. I'm finish with my shopping. Just expecting a couple of packages for myself tomorrow and the next day. I went to the mall a couple of days ago and it was getting hectic. HaHaHa So I know what you're talking about. Great post.

  4. Perfect, keep you warm and easy enough to make your way around the mayhem!! xx

  5. YEA! Leopard pants and chambray? Count me in!


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