Happy Weekend!

This has been a very relaxing week for me. I visited my grandma one evening for a while. I hang out with my best friends. We ate, talked, and watched an Audrey Hepburn movie. We watched Sabrina, which I had never seen, but now love. I had a movie night with Tracy and our brother. We popped popcorn, had snacks, and watched movies until the early morning hours. Definitely some sibling bonding going on there. I hope you all had a relaxing week too.
The only downside to my week was the bad turn the weather took. We haven't had a lot of snow this winter so far, but yesterday we had freezing rain. Roads were closed due to accidents and people were being warned to stay home. Which resulted in a missed dentist appointment for me. It's the second time I have had to reschedule the dentist due to weather in the past month. I like going to the dentist and need to go because I believe I have one tooth that I have pulled the filling out of. Fingers crossed that I will be able to make my new dentist appointment.

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  1. hopefully you can make it to the dentist!! we were just informed that schools will be closed on monday because of how cold it is in minnesota....brr!

  2. I love Sabrina! Such a great movie :)


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