The Sunday Edition

Last day to save 25% off at Kate Spade with the code DECEMBER25. Love this handbag in African Violet.

A polka dot sofa!

Elbow patches in anchors or hearts.

I love a girl who can rock a leopard coat.

Great tips for styling a coffee table tray.

A round up of beautiful gold items.

Winter themed items that are currently very appropriate.

These DIY Confetti Glasses are a must craft project for me.

Spending time snowed in this Winter? Try baking something delicious.

Design Trend Predictions for 2014.

14 Things to Stop Stressing About This Year.

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  1. oh that photo makes me longing for winter even more, here it´s almost spring with the crazy temperatures:(
    love and kiss,mary

  2. gold items... well say no more! also, i'm just wondering, did someone design your theme for you or did you do it yourself? it looks lovely, and i'm basically constantly in the process of blog revamp, and id love to have something that looks a little like yours layout-wise! any tips or info would be very appreciated! tegan xo


Thank you for your lovely comments. They really make our day.