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Winter has definitely arrived here. Sure the season started some time ago, but it never really felt like winter. We had a couple of cold days but nothing like the last couple of days. Definitely nothing like what is forecasted for the upcoming days. We are having single digit temperatures here, but mixed with the chilly wind it definitely feels below zero.
We don't live in the city or even in a small town. We live on a farm and it takes a good twenty-five minute drive to reach the nearest small town. With the weather that we have been having the road conditions haven't really permitted us to even drive that far. So just what is a girl to do when the weather is not cooperating with any outside excursions?
I'm sure that we can all agree on a few things. Sipping hot chocolate while snuggling under a blanket by the fireplace is an absolute must on a snowy day. My siblings and I like to come together to watch our favorite movies with some popcorn and candy. I love to read and always have a stack of books in the corner of my bedroom that I am working my way through. The perfect opportunity for reading is on a snow day from work. Since learning how to sew and quilt not too long ago, I always have a project started. On days when I am stuck inside I have plenty of time to to get a little sewing done. Bad weather days are also a great time to bake a new recipe that I have been wanting to try. This past weekend I made Smores Cake. It was delicious! What do you like to do when the weather keeps you inside?

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  1. We've just had non-stop rain and heavy winds. I'd like a still day really, even if there were snow. It makes winter a little better. This scene looks amazing. Have a gorgeous week dolls x

  2. Snuggling under a blanket is definitely my favorite thing to do in the winter!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Same me I like to snuggle and watch movies.

  4. It has snowed, snowed, snowed all weekend here and it's definitely winter! I do love the snow, but hate it when I have to go to work and drive through crappy weather :( BUT I love snuggling in warm layers and reading a good book while sipping on some hot tea!

  5. If it's cold where I live (south), I know it's cold there. I've been sipping hot chocolate, tea and anything that will keep me warm.


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