Has A Nice Ring To It: An Anjolee Review

Anjolee recently sent me this amazing, sparkly topaz version of one of their Eternity Rings. It was like receiving an extra Christmas present and has been a wonderful addition to my jewelry box.

Anjolee is a great source when it comes to jewelry--they offer bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Anjolee also offers all their customers customized jewelry where the customer can choose from the type of stones and carat weights to the metals used and the chain length for each necklace and bracelet. The entire process for customizing and creating your own unique piece is extremely easy.

My topaz arrived promptly and beautifully packaged in a stylish wooden box that is very useful for storage. I am so impressed with the quality of my ring. The stones are neatly set and very dazzling. The ring is delicate but very strong. I love that my ring is appropriate for everyday wear while still feeling very special.

Anjolee's website perhaps says it best, "Anjolee is the only jewelry website with a unique customization system which gives you the ability to custom-build all of our jewelry designs based on taste and budget."
Topaz ring received courtesy of Anjolee. This is a sponsored post, however, all opinions are my own.


  1. i love anjolee. they have excellent jewelry.

  2. Lovely ring! I received one of their bracelets this fall and wear it all the time. That color is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous ring! I'm obsessed! Definitely checking out more of their stash.

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  4. That's both of my kid's birthstone. I love it, so pretty!


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