What To Wear: To Stay Warm

The temperatures have became so frigid the last couple weeks that I dread any time I need to go outside and I have been struggling to stay warm. Sweaters have been my friend lately and I love a good cable knit. Pair it with jeans and a warm coat and you have my uniform lately. Have you been dealing with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures too?

What to Wear: To Stay Warm

Earrings / Puffer Jacket / Jeans / Cable Knit Sweater / Necklace / Socks / Boots / Gloves

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  1. It has been so cold where I live (like -30!). It's been months since I haven't had to wear layers.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Hoodies and so many hoodies and piles of blankets - that's my routine for this week. We're down to -24C this morning - my apartment can't keep warm with that outside!

  3. love the chunky knit sweater... can't get enough of them right now!

    Lady à la Mode

  4. It has definitely been freezing here in DC! I've been wearing a lot of sweater tights and boots.

  5. The boot cut jeans are a winner for me. I am stuck in my skiinies cause I can tuck them into boots. I've always though boot cuts should be called something else, since they go over the boot instead of tucked into them.

  6. i love a great sweater and nice jacket.


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