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Sometimes it is very hard to find time to relax and just unwind at home. The work week is just full of extra things that have to get finished when the working hours are over with. I have meetings after school, tutoring to help some of my high school students plus I have been tutoring a couple of college students in their college algebra courses, grading papers, planning lessons, and gathering materials take a lot of my after school time during the week.
Lately, I have had plenty of time to relax at home because of all of the snow days that we have had from school. If the weatherman is correct in his predictions it's not looking like I will be at work very much this week either. Since I have had all of this free time I thought now would be a good time to talk about what I need to relax. Lately, I have had a lot of time to relax at home, mainly because I have been stuck at home. For me comfy pajamas are a must. I need to be comfortable to relax and everyone around here is stuck at home so I am not going to be surprised by visitors. Mr. Cat is also a must. He is just so adorable and constantly by my side when I am at home. The sound of him purring is very soothing. Lately the necessities for relaxing have included a cozy blanket, great snacks, and my subscription for Netflix so that I can relax by watching all of my favorite episodes of Supernatural or White Collar (or one of my other favorite shows). A great book is also a necessity and we all know about that stack of to read books in the corner of my bedroom. What do you want when you are ready to spend a day relaxing at home?

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  1. Enjoy being at home doll, relax and enjoy. I like to just watch movies or soak in a bath and just relax. No loud noises, just calmness!! Happy Monday xx

  2. Lovely post! ;)


  3. glad to hear you are getting to relax some.

  4. Snow days do provide the perfect excuse to relax at home. I love White Collar as well. I used to see them filming on the streets of NYC all the time.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Sounds like the snow days have been a blessing in disguise for you. Relaxing is so deserved for you!
    I find a love/hate relationship with being at home. There are days when I have been so busy or feeling overloaded that all I want to do is stay indoors and just retreat. But, then, I get restless after a certain point and need to get out and do something. Ironic, isn't it?
    I hope you are enjoying yourself! Your days off sound very similar to what I would do, too! =)


  6. relaxation is important and you must create an environment conducive to do so. a fabulous bedroom, comfy loungewear, something nice to drink, awesome bathroom are all key.

  7. In my country aren't snow days :(! Enjoy your relax at home!

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  8. well at least someone is enjoying all the snow.
    here we get to keep the toddler at home, the husband works from home and all hell breaks loose because the only thing D wants to do is play with M meaning I get to be the person who stops D from hanging out with his dad.. no relaxation happening here..

  9. Ooh, I like to absolutely slather the body butter on before putting on fresh pjs when I have a spare day at home. A good book to snuggle up to and a scented candle are also ideal! xx www.essjay23x.blogspot.com


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