How to Wear a Floral Dress

How to wear a floral dress
This has been a very cold and snowy winter for us, but last week we finally had a break in all of the bad weather. We had sunny days with 70 degree temperatures. It was definitely Spring like weather, which made me think about my wardrobe and Spring fashion. One of my favorite Spring fashion trends is floral print dresses. Floral dresses are ultra feminine, flirty, and romantic. If you are not the ultra feminine type pair your dress with a denim jacket, bomber jacket, or even a moto jacket. Every girl needs at least one in her closet. Right?
Many people shy away from floral print dresses because they just are not sure how to wear style the colorful print. So today I want to share some tips for how to wear a floral print dress.

Tip 1: Choose one of the colors and use that color for your shoes and bag. Usually, floral prints are multiple colors. Any color no matter how much of it is actually in the print will work. I like to pick one of the colors that are used in a smaller amount and then help it stand out more by matching my shoes and bag to it.

Tip 2: If you just are not sure what color to style with the print, neutrals always work. Think white, black, gray, or creams and the look will still be chic and stylish. I love to pair florals with neutral stripes.

Tip 3: Watch the size of the print. If the item is totally floral print you need to pick the right print size for your body type. If you are petite a large print can overwhelm you and make you look like a little kid and on the other end of the spectrum if you are more full figured a tiny print can make you look bigger.

Tip 4: Floral prints are beautiful and bold so keep the accessories simple. Delicate gold or silver jewelry can keep it simple. Do not go over and pair your floral print dress with floral accessories.

Use these tips and get out there and rock out a floral dress look this Spring. Are you in need of a floral dress? Right now I am really in love with Peter Hahn's floral print dresses. Check out my favorites from the collection below:

Peter Hahn Floral Dresses

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  1. Love your flower dress and it`s really amazing for you!
    Thanks for sweet comments and visiting my blog!
    Moscow blogger by Marina Maximova

  2. I can't wait to bust out my floral dress again! I really want to pair it with a skinny black belt, simple black pointy-toe heels, and my new mini mac bag! What do you think?

  3. I think floral dresses can be flattering on most people if you find the right silhouette and scale of print for your body type. This is a pretty selection!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. I love that dress! You look so pretty! I am going to have to get one now!

  5. Im always slightly intimidated by florals, but I love the look of these, i hope to wear more of it. It was great hearing your thoughts, Happy Friday dear!

  6. Oh my, those dresses! And you look quite stunning.

    just followed you over on Invisible Crown. Glad to find your blog.

  7. I absolutely love floral dresses. They are so fun in the summer! Especially if they have a curvy, feminine shape.

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  8. they're making floral designs so much better these days. there's truly something for everybody. i need to get some floral pieces for my closet.

  9. I am loving floral prints right now! Great tips, I need to save this!

  10. I love florals...all year round!! Gorgeous xx

  11. I can't wait for warmer weather as I'm looking forward to buying a new floral dress. I like the way they can be dressed up or down too either with heels or flats and a denim jacket. Great tips! here. I love the first one here with the elbow length sleeves - perfect!

  12. These are such pretty dresses! Thanks for the inspiration and tips. Now, all I need is some actual spring-like weather!

  13. thanks jessica, to visit my blog ... you are also working very nice, i like your blog
    Ahad Ammar @ How to Look Good Naked


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