The Perfect Signet Ring

I love a good monogram item. My entire family still creates Christmas Wish List each year that we all display on my parents refrigerator on the weeks leading up to Christmas. This year the top item on my list was a gold signet ring. I was ecstatic when my parents told me that if I picked out the exact ring I wanted it would likely appear under the tree. I spent days searching but I couldn't find just the right ring that had every characteristic I was looking for but just a few days ago I accidentally stumbled upon it. The perfect signet ring.

The Original Recessed Monogram Ring at Reeds Jewelers has every detail I have been looking for in a signet ring. Gold, the perfect size, block letters that are a little more masculine than the feminine details I usually go for, and budget friendly. Since spotting this ring I have been having a hard time keeping my shopping ban for the month of February.

via: 1-Ralph Lauren Ad, 2


  1. Ohh, lovely! I have been lusting after a signet as well, I will check this out!
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. This is wonderfully bold, makes a great statement. From one blog friend to another...Happy Valentines Day.

  3. I like it a lot
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  4. I really like it! I was like...hmmm...pinky ring? Very 80s. But it's actually really classy. Love!

  5. I recently found my old signet ring from high school and have started rocking it again! I love that they have made comeback and I love this option - it's gorgeous!

    Haute Child in the City

  6. I have one item with my name one it and its a coach wallet

  7. It's very pretty.


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