The Sunday Edition

Today we are off to our Grandma's house. We are celebrating her birthday! She turns 76 years old today. A few weekends ago we went shopping with our mom to pick out presents for her. Our grandma is very hard to shop for. She is a very practical person so she usually wants things she needs and the problem is that according to her she doesn't need anything. I think she is the most excited that we are coming to celebrate with her. We are going to make lasagna, garlic bread, salad, fruit salad, and of course cake!

So, maybe I am still dreaming of getting away from the snow and ice here because I am loving Laura's post about Boston! Go over to The Blog of Worldly Delights and check out the beautiful pictures!

Jess over at Chic Geek had a wonderful post about the pastel trend and I loved all of the photos. Pastel colors are just so pretty!

I love visiting antique stores and Elizabeth at Bella Life is Beautiful has some amazing photos from her time exploring antique stores!

It looks like Mireia from Whisper Words of Fashion has had a great first day in Paris!

Do you still need some adorable ideas for Valentine's Day? Then Anna's post at Fash Boulevard is a must read post.

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  1. nice post :)
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  2. Happy birthday to your grandma! Hope you guys party hardy :)


  3. Happy birthday to your Grandma! Lasagne and garlic bread - one of my favourite meals! Interesting links too.


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