Winter Hat Tricks

It has been a pretty bad winter here. Every time I turn on the news I hear weather reports of snow blasting certain areas of the country. It's been all snow, ice, and cold temperatures. I love the snow. It is so beautiful as it is falling from the sky and then it coats everything making a winter wonderland. While I am a fan of the snow, I do get tired of being stuck at home when the roads are bad. Here even after the snow and ice have stopped falling it takes a while (days) for the roads to be clear if the temperatures stay cold. So while snow days are fun too many of them in a row are bad.
This has definitely been a winter when you need to be bundled up if you are going out. One item that I love and find very versatile is a hat. Hats are perfect for wintery days. They help you stay warm and they are so cute. Depending on the type of hat you choose it could work for a casual look, work look, or a date look. I think the beanies with the pompoms are so adorable and perfect for casual looks. HERE Tracy recently posted about beanies with pompoms. She's a fan too. Felt hats are so sleek and stylish which make them perfect for going out. What are your thoughts on hats?

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  1. I always wear hats in the winter, I have one like the last one that I got in the boys department at H&M the women's hats are always too big : O

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. i always feel like I can't pull of hats but these are so cute! also the snow looks so fun although I would never be able to handle it because I'm from california lol

    Alexa <3

  3. I have been so obsessed with hats this fall and winter. I can't get enough! They're the perfect accessory.

  4. this winter has been the worst ugh. i've been wearing multiple layers and actually wearing winter hats this year too! totally necessary.
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  5. I love all the hat-wearing I am seeing this season, too. You picked great choices. I need a knit one with a big, fluffy ball. So cute!

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  7. Furry hats are so essential in this sub-freezing weather!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. It's so important to protect your head, during weather like this. Why not be stylish with it? Great selection.

  9. love that beanie with the big ball on top! winter hats are the best!


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