A Comfy Spot at Home

yellow comfy chair

floral chair

Purple chaise lounge

blue comfy chair

comfy reading spot

A Comfy Spot at Home Every home should have a comfy spot just for you. This is a spot where you can rest and relax. You should have space and comfy cushions. In our home my comfy spot is a big green chair in the corner of our living room. I'm usually the only one who ever sits in this spot, because you can't see the tv from it. This is my comfy spot because I have plenty of light and space to sit and read. I can sit there with my cat, blanket, and a good book for hours. It's also nice that there is an end table near it to house my water or pepsi. All of the above look like wonderful comfy spots to me. What is your comfy spot?

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  1. Yes, I love spots like these, to just sit and wrap up with a book, a cup of tea and just relax. I have a chair in my bedroom by the window for this, so nice!! Would love any of these chairs :) xx

  2. I need a comfy spot! Theres a spot across form my bed that would be perfect for a chair and ottoman.

  3. Nice! (Minus the pepsi, lol. I'm a Dr Pepper girl!)
    I love that first pic. My comfy spot is in my office, on the couch. I have been spending a lot of time there lately.

  4. I want to just dive into this homely yet luxurious interiors, so colourful and pretty.

  5. i agree! and i'm still working on a spot!!! thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I plop on our leather couch with a bunch of pillows supporting my back. I kind of live here at times. lol I move so much that it's funny how "the spot" is always something different. In Seattle I LOVED facing the huge picture frame windows that looked down on the street below with all of the lush greenery and now in LA I face away from the street to shut out the pedestrians and occasional "walker." :) Lovely images!

  7. I love these pictures! would def love to have a cozy spot like this at home :)


  8. omg!!! these are so lovely!!! great colours and prints! :)

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  9. my comfy spot is our old tv room couch... we've had it for years and years, but it's the most comfortable thing. sometimes I'd sleep on it over night lol

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  10. My comfy spot is the corner of the couch.

  11. Wonderful furniture. Wanna move in the next months so inspiration is always perfect. I love your blog and style by the way. Tell me if you'd like to follow each other.


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  12. great living inspiration!
    have a wonderful day!


  13. Just catching up on your blog after my holiday. These images are gorgeous and I especially like the floral chairs and the purple room - amazing! In fact I could happily relax in any one of these spaces.

  14. These look so relaxing! I like the second to the last photo best. The blue chair paired with the light colored decor is quite dreamy.


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