Put A Ring On It: Anjolee Review

Put A Ring On It: Anjolee Review
Anjolee recently sent me the earrings pictured above. I could not be more impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship of these earrings. Plus, they sparkle so much! After my earrings arrived I sat down and had another look at Anjolee's website. I could not stop swooning over the stunning collection of diamond wedding bands available. I have rounded up in the collage below some of my favorite wedding and anniversary rings from Anjolee.

Anjolee.com lets you custom build each of their wedding rings to suit your style and budget. Customer can choose everything from the type of stones and carat weights to the metals used and the chain length for each necklace and bracelet. The entire process for customizing and creating your own unique piece is extremely easy.

Anjolee is also the manufacturer of all jewelry items on the website. The website offers an extensive collection of rings, diamond tennis bracelets, gemstone bracelets, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, and diamond pendants.

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  1. Your earrings are gorgeous! I really like the diamond wedding bands. My Husband can't wear a wedding band in his line of work but I've been wanting to upgrade my plain one!

  2. I love the earrings....and of course I'm new dreaming of an upgrade to my wedding band!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. Those are gorgeous earrings...that's so cool they sent them to you. Wonderful xx

  4. ooh these earrings are so pretty! and love the rings you picked out too. love some bling :)

  5. Love the purple ring!

  6. Those earrings are beautiful and timeless. What a lovely pick.


  7. They have really nice jewelry! Love your earrings.


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