Why Decorate with Jewel Tones?

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Why Decorate with Jewel Tones?
Jewel tones are such rich, beautiful colors. Think emerald, sapphire, ruby, citrine and you know what I'm talking about. Generally when I think about my future home I think about neutrals and pastels, colors that are relaxing and calming. But jewel tones are certainly catching my eye these days. They are not sweet and delicate. They are bold, daring, dramatic. They pop. Jewel tones will liven up any space. They make a space warm and inviting. Rooms in these colors would be perfect gathering spots for when you are having friends over. I could most see my future home have a jewel tone dining room, home library, or living room. What about you?
The thing to remember with jewel tones is that they work best with colors that are bold and daring like they are. So pair jewel tones with other bright colors or with neutrals. Don't mix them with pastels. Out of all of the jewel tone colors I think I most want an emerald painted room. I don't want a matte paint finish because that could make the room seem too dark. I want the emerald paint to really shine and stand out. Then I would decorate the room with either bright purple and blue or cream and gold. What jewel tone color would you?

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  1. I love jewel tones and want to keep adding more pretty colors to my home. that hallway with the green walls and leopard carpeting is so amazing!

  2. I'd love for my bed room to be done in amethyst with emerald and sapphire accents.

  3. Jewel tones can bring such an air of elegance to home decor.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Those are all gorgeous inspiration pics! It would be hard to choose which one to go with.

  5. Love all the pops of color in the rooms

  6. I love these photos, great inspiration dear!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  7. I'm really feeling the blue one. They're all so pretty!


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