The Sunday Edition


The Sunday Edition THESE are just so feminine and cute! The color is perfect for Spring and the cutouts are so darling!

This is one beautiful statement piece that I would love to own.

Trust me, you just have to check out the details on this maxi dress!

Check out the Mani-Pedi Color Combinations, I suggest. What's your favorite color combo for a mani-pedi?

Such a great Mother's Day Gift Guide! Seriously, I'm not even a mom and I would totally love this stuff too!

I have to agree that I am a fan of this celebrity's street style too!

Europe is just so beautiful. Hopefully, I can someday travel there.

I love these pineapple print items for Spring!

Need help Mixing Prints this Spring? Check out the awesome advice.

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  1. That bedroom set is so beautiful! I love the white and neutrals mixed and yes, I hope you come to Europe soon too. :)


  2. omg! Do you know where that comforter is from?? I need it!

    I just posted on my blog! I hope you come by and check it out and also let me know what you think!:D


  3. Scandinavian typical bedroom. Cozy one ;)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous


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