Chit Chat: Time

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Chit Chat: Time
I wish I could be one of those girls who can tackle a million things successfully and without ever missing a beat but that is definitely not who I am. I feel more and more like I am just managing to get enough finished to make it to the next day. I think saying that I am busy is such a lame excuse for not accomplishing more but busy is exactly what I am.

It isn't a time management issue for me. I feel like when I set out to do a certain task I can get it finished without wasting any time and I definitely do not feel like I waste very much time on a daily basis. I do feel like I am always on the go and like there is always so much on my plate most of which are work related that once I finish one task I immediately have to dive into something else. That means that most days end with me getting home late from work, even later if I manage to squeeze in an errand or two, eating dinner, and then going to bed.

There are so many things that I would like to devote more time to because they are things I enjoy and some which I really need to devote more time to but I do not feel like I have any more time to give. I purchased the ingredients to bake a cake 3 weeks ago but I haven't found the time to bake it yet. I desperately need a haircut, so much so that I cannot remember my last haircut, but I cannot find a time to schedule one. I have had a movie recorded on my DVR for a year and a half that is waiting patiently for me to have a few hours alone with no to-do list requiring my immediate attention. I have under two months to get in my required Continuing Legal Education hours for this year. I have unanswered emails sitting in my inbox for a couple months now. And maybe most importantly I need time to devote to finding a job/career that actually makes me happy.

I went out of town over the weekend. I felt guilty all week leading up to the weekend knowing I would be unable to do anything on my two to-do list for a couple days and now I feel like this week will be one constant game of playing catch-up. Although I had fun over the weekend I am certain I would have backed out of the trip if there hadn't been people depending on me going.

How do you find time for everything? Is there some secret to it I am missing? I have seen some advice on Pinterest or just around the internet in general that is along the line of just removing some items from your to-do list but that is almost impossible when most of them relate to work. I would love to hear how you manage your time and how you find time for the things you enjoy.

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  1. I just tend to do what I can and not worry about what I haven't gotten done, I use to spend too much time stressing on the things I hadn't gotten done that I never appreciated the things I did get done or the time I had. Sometimes when need to chill and stop worrying so much and just breathe and do what we can and if we don't get it all done, there is another day. xx

  2. Tracy, I read this book called the 10 second Philosophy by Derek Mills where he discusses how making small changes in our life can drastically improve our quality of life. I too struggled with being too busy and stretching myself too thin and definitely was at that point where getting a hair cut was the last thing to do on my list. BUT what you have to do is make yourself PRIORITY. If you dont you will always be unhappy. I put myself first with everything. I get what I need for me to be happy and content done. You also need to change your mindset. If you are constantly stressing out about your to do list and how "busy" you are then the universe will respond by keeping you busy and unhappy. Change your mindset to focus more on being happy. Say "I am happy and I am free to do as I please today. I will have a great day." It sounds silly but changing your mindset and feeling good DRAMATICALLY improve your life! xo

  3. I wish there was. My husband and I seem to face the same situation.. it wasn't always like this but two kids, a new house and a new job with an almost 80min commute don't help matters. We have the entire series of breaking bad dvr'ed and we have seen a whole of two episodes so far. At the end of the day which is usually around 10 we find ourselves in bed with a toddler between us and an infant nursing while we try to unwind by watching something on the screen of our phone only to sadly find ourselves asleep even before its over.

    we are trying to prioritize, not feel sad about all the things we couldn't get done and hope one day we'll find this thing called balance.

  4. I know how you feel. I had to cut back on my blogging. Last year I posted 5 days a week, with weekends off. Now I only blog 3 days a week, with weekends off. It really helps me get other things done and just to enjoy life. Find out what's consuming your time. You'll have to cut back or other things won't get done. You'll be a lot happier.

  5. ugh - so sorry that things have still been so crazy for you lately! I hope that you get some down time soon, especially so you can work on job searching. as for time management, it's really hard when you have a million things to do. I would suggest maybe at least listening to podcasts on things that interest you or books on tape (like on audible) during your drive. you aren't really working on your list still, but at least you are multitasking a little bit! good luck and hang in there :)


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