Going Out with a Bang: Hairstyles with Bangs

Going Out with a Bang: Hairstyles with Bangs For the past month or so I have really been contemplating a new hairstyle. Summer is here and is the perfect time for a new style. I have really thick, long hair and it can get very hot during the Summer months. I have been looking through magazines and at photos online to determine what I want to do. It is just so hard to make a decision! One thing I have been thinking about is whether or not I would like to get bangs.
Bangs, like in the photos above, can look amazing. They really make you look different. The downside to getting bangs is that if I decide I do not want them, it will take forever to grow them back out. What are your thoughts? Would you go for the bangs or stay without them?

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  1. I actually need to get my bangs trimmed

  2. I really like bangs, but it's true they get forever to grow and then they get to that annoying stage (too long for bangs too short for everything else)

  3. I wish I had the patience for them! Every so often I entertain the idea, but the last time I had them, I think I ended up pinning them out of the way 90% of the time anyway!

  4. The first and last pic is how I want my hair to look!

  5. I am thinking about getting bangs as well.

    Even if it would take long to grow it out, you can always pin it back, or make hairstyles while doing so.

    And also, bangs is the easiest way to switch up your look with least commitment. Imagine cutting off your hair very short, and waiting for THAT to grow back.

    Bangs better than that scenario!!


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