Delicate Gold Cuff

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Gold Cuff with Crystal - Knot Cuff
Asymmetrical Stone Cuff - Diamond Gold Cuff
Circle Shimmer Cuff - Triangle Shimmer Cuff
Delicate Gold Cuff

Last week I did some massive cleaning in my bedroom. I went through all of my drawers and my closet. While cleaning and organizing things I took notice of some things that I had forgotten about. Looking at my jewelry, I noticed I had a lot of necklaces but I didn't really have any other pieces. While necklaces are my favorite accessory to wear, lately I have really been loving all of the thin gold cuffs. They are so delicate and feminine. Usually when I think of a gold cuff I think of a wider bracelet that covers at least a few inches of your arm. This more dainty and delicate version would be perfect for more formal occasions and for work. I am especially loving this cuff. What are your thoughts on these bracelets?


  1. Lovely! However I would call them a bangle more than a cuff (but maybe that's because I am a Brit). Cuffs always feel like they should be much wider,
    p.s we have some lovely ones in our boutique ;-) xx

  2. these bracelets are so pretty! i'm usually a necklace person too but have been loving bracelets more lately as well!

  3. I have a hard time wearing bracelets. Due to I have small wrist.

  4. I love the one with the pretzel!


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