Live in the Pastel Home

beautiful Victorian Home

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beautiful home

neon and pastel home office

beautiful mix of colors

Live in the Pastel Home These rooms with their pastel colors look like such great places to relax. I could see myself coming home after a stressful day at work and walking into one of these room and instantly feeling more relaxed. Pastels are such feminine, soft colors that look great with a wide variety of colors. I would pair the pastel colors with neutrals to keep the calming atmosphere. The home office above also adds in some touches of neon which would be perfect for that room. I love everything about the home and the rooms above. The pastels offer a touch of romanticism to the places. I wish I could just jump into these room right now. What do you think about pastel rooms like these?

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  1. Such beautiful rooms, love them all *0*


  2. Gosh you are so right, I would LOVE to come to this *sigh*

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. I took the bold red out of my living room and added accents of Tiffany blue. It's not only cheerful, it's serene.

  4. Great room choices! I love the cowhide rug on the last photo and that pastel house is charming. I would love to add more color but it's hard to keep the husband happy ; )


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