Chit Chat: Staying in Touch

Chit Chat: Staying in Touch Since graduating from college and getting a "real" job, it has been so hard to find the time to see my friends and to spend time with them like we use to. Staying in touch is very important to us because we are so close. I am really close with three girls that I have known for years, one of which I became friends with in middle school. Between the four of us we all work full time jobs with all of us having different schedules. Two of us who may have to work weekends and two of us who don't have to work weekends. And between the four of us we are working in four different cities in Kentucky. Our schedules, hectic lives, and the distance can make it hard to pencil in some best friend time.
I attended the same college as two of my best friends so we were always hanging out and running into each other on campus. I've lived in the same dorm building as them and have even roomed with one. It was a lot of fun being minutes away from going out to grab lunch with my friends or having an impromptu movie night (or tv Marathon in some cases). My other best friend I still saw on most weekends we came home.
Even though we may go a month without seeing each other face to face, we are still great at keeping in touch with one another. We call, we Facebook, we e-mail, and we send letters in the mail. Because of this, even if it has been a month or two, we still see each other and it is like no time has passed. Sometimes it is just great to hear the voice of a best friend coming from the phone and to have them to talk too even if we can't make it a face to face meet. Calling can be hard too, with our various schedules. Facebook is the easiest and fastest way for us to stay in touch. We are constantly messaging with updates, questions, and plans for our next get together. Even though we regularly communicate via the internet, I still love to send the occasional letter through the mail. I adore snail mail. When I come home from a hard day at work finding a letter in the mailbox from a friend instantly brightens my day. Just this past weekend, I sat down and made a few quick notes to my best friends to drop in the mail today. Hopefully, one day this week when they check their mail their day gets brightened by what they find! Just because it is harder to see each other now doesn't mean it's ok to just forget about each other. That is why staying in communication is so important. Are you still in touch with your high school and college best friends?


  1. I love sending snail mail too. Even if it's just birthday and christmas cards, it's always fun to get a little something in your mailbox.
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  2. I love send out snail mail. I try doing it once a month.

  3. yes, i'm still in touch with my high school gang, but it seems with the addition of kids, we see each other much less. many of them are very active on FB, so i see their updates all the time. love sending mail and getting mail. i have been snail mailing with one blogger friend.

  4. I write my two bffs all the time, but they don't do the letter thing so I never receive anything back. Boo! I need real pen pals.


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