DIY Confetti Art

DIY Confetti Canvas
DIY Confetti Art
My pictures do not do this easy DIY Confetti Art justice. To be such a simple and quick craft it is truly stunning. It only requires a few supplies and costs only a few dollars to make. Plus in only about 30 minutes you have a beautiful piece of artwork. I chose metallic gold and glitter gold card stock for my confetti but you can choose whatever colors compliment your decor. I had initially made my confetti canvas to place in my office but I after loving the outcome I placed it on my bedroom dresser instead.

DIY Confetti Artwork

Card Stock
Rubber Cement
Large Hole Punch

DIY Confetti Canvas

1. Use your large hole punch to punch holes from the card stock. A 1 inch or 2 inch hole puncher should work depending on the size you want your confetti.
2. Play around with the placement of the confetti on the canvas.
3. Once you are satisfied with the confetti placement, lightly coat the back of each confetti piece with rubber cement and adhere to the canvas.
4. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Confetti Artwork


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