Favorite Summer Hairstyles

beautiful summer hair

Favorite Summer Hairstyles I have dark, thick hair that I find very troublesome during the Summer months. I am always pulling my hair back to get it out of my face during really hot weather. My favorite Summer hairstyles involve getting my hair pulled up off my neck and shoulders and out of my face. I am also a huge fan of hairstyles that include braids. Above are four of my favorite looks for Summer. What's your go to look for Summer?

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  1. I love the upside down braided bun! That is seriously so cute!

  2. I have similar issues, though my hair as thinned a bit for sure. Actually I am surprised by how many young women I see with noticeably thinning hair as in seeing too much scalp. So be glad your hair is thick. But oh yeah all about putting it up in the heat. And love all these styles...only thing is I can't actually do any of these styles :O

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  3. Love these do's I need to try the bottom right! So pretty!

    Kristin xx

  4. although my hair isn't thick, I also struggle with it in the summer and that's why I always wear it up. great ideas! wish I could braid my hair

  5. beautiful hairstyles, love the first one!
    happy weekend!


  6. I have been twisting my bangs back and pulling my hair up.


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