Stylish for Less: Yellow

Stylish for Less: Yellow
Balconette Bra - Hello Sunshine iPhone Case adorable - Sleeveless Blouse - Pleated Dress
Retro Square Sunglasses so fun - Yay Lunch! Lunchbox - Yellow Sandals great color

Yellow is such a fun, vibrant color. It brings instant cheer to anyone wearing the bright color. This weeks #stylishforless is all about yellow fashion for $40 and under. Yellow is not a color that I wear that often, but it is a color that I love. I think it is hard to find items that are a pretty shade of yellow. All of these items are a beautiful shade of the color and they are a great deal. What do you think about the color yellow? Is it a color you wear a lot?


  1. You have made me realise that I dont have anything yellow! Yet I often admire it on others. As you say it's a fun, cheerful colour. The dress is a particularly pretty shade.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Following back on GFC #995 Please keep in touch.

    Great selection. The dress is awesome.

  3. That yellow dress is great, it always makes me feel so happy when I see that color : )


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