On A Pin: Brooches

On A Pin: Brooches
Beetle Pin Brooch / Dragonfly Brooch (small and dainty) / Paola Brooch / Padma Brooch / Star Cluster Brooch / Crystal Brooch (oversized and sparkly) / Feathered Brooch / Crystal Feather Brooch

The last few days we have been taking depositions at my office and one of the attorneys from the other law firm has shown up each day wearing fascinating brooches. My interest was immediately peaked on Monday when I spotted her wearing a large incredibly sparkly brooch, similar to this one. Yesterday she was wearing an adorable honey bee brooch. I was unable to find a similar one online but this little beetle pin is just as pretty. Do you ever sport a brooch? I am thinking about picking up a few to pin on my cardigans and blazers this fall.


  1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment at my blog. I’m already following u at GFC and Bloglovin; hope you can do the same so we can kip in touch. Have a great day. xoxo.

  2. I don't own any broochs but I find them to be super pretty.

  3. Great brooches, I have a couple that I adore but I never think to wear them.

  4. I have some brooches but I weared them in few occasions but love your selection!

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