Chit Chat: Job Recognition

Chit Chat: Job Recognition Everyone loves being recognized for doing a good job. It is a great to feel appreciated at work. To know that others recognize your hard work and effort has real meaning. To have others notice what you are doing and respond in a positive way lets you know everything you have been doing is worth it. At my school I feel like I have an excellent group of people who are supportive and willing to help me when I need it. Do you feel like this at work?

Our math team has been undergoing some training since the beginning of July. These people have been great and providing us with some strategies that I think will really help our students and help us to be better teachers. Based on our training and what they have seen from our classrooms, they have asked me to attend a math conference with them and present with them. I took this as a huge compliment and feel very grateful that they have chosen me to present with them at the conference.

I try really hard at my job. I want my students to be successful and not just at math. I want them to leave my class knowing what it takes to be a successful student. I want them to know that there are people that care about them and want them to succeed at school and life. I am proud of all of their accomplishments whether it is in the math classroom, an essay contest, a sports recognition, or winning at an FFA competition. My job can be very trying and stressful at times, especially when it feels like no one is appreciating the hard work that I put into. I spend time planning lessons, getting materials ready, and planning for discussion during and after the lesson. It can be frustrating when some students blow it off or act like it doesn't matter and even more so when more and more responsibilities and duties are being put on your shoulders. While it can be hard, it is very nice when someone else takes notice of your abilities and work ethic.

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  1. This is wonderful, no doubt you are an amazing teacher :)) xx

  2. Your passion for your work shines through in this post. We all like to feel appreciated and there's no better feeling than being given positive feedback and recognition!

  3. I agree, to be recognized when you try your hardest is so satisfying!


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