DIY: Glittery Star Cake Topper

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DIY: Glittery Star Cake Topper Tracy and I love to bake and to try DIY projects. Recently we have been trying different kinds of cakes. Over the three day weekend, Tracy made this gorgeous cake. To jazz it up a bit I decided to make a glittery star cake topper. This was a quick and easy craft to make. This was my first attempt at a cake topper, what do you think?

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Glittery Stars
Glue Gun

1. Gather your supplies. I found the stars I used at Michael's in the scrapbooking supplies. You could always use glittery scrapbooking paper and make your own in whatever colors you choose.
2. Lay your star face down and apply a drop of hot glue. Press the skewer into the dot of glue and then add a little more hot glue to hold the skewer to the star.
3. Put these to the side and allow them to completely dry before using. I left mine alone for about 30 minutes. Then arrange in your cake.

I could also see putting these on smaller skewers with the smaller stars and putting them in cupcakes.



  1. Great idea, it looks so lovely. :)
    Thanks for your comment.
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  2. I love this! If these toppers were on my birthday cake, I'd be so happy.

  3. These would be really cute for my upcoming baby shower!!! :-)

  4. What?!?! Those are awesome! Would it be wrong to make these for my own birthday cake in October?? lol! I'm turning thirty so a little "flair" may raise my spirits. hahaha


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