Stylish for Less: Under $50

Stylish for Less: Under $50
Layered Gem Necklace $24.95 - Floral Bomber Jacket $21.99 normally $88! - Tree Plant Skirt
Floral Print Trousers $44 - Striped Converses $49.95 LOVE these

Lately I have been limiting my purchases. I have been trying to save for our upcoming trip to NYC and just trying to save more in general. The things that I have bought, have been great deals. I think all of the above items would be great purchases to make and they all cost less than $50! I am totally in love with this bomber jacket. It is gorgeous. Plus right now it is on sale for $21.99 and it is normally $88, I call that a bargain. Have you been watching your spending lately? Have you found any good deals anywhere?


  1. Great finds! I've definitely been watching my spending and trying to create new combos using things I already have but don't wear enough.

  2. I love those pants!

  3. I have found nothing lately! I really want some new blouses but just can't find anything I love.


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