Chit Chat: Fall Break

Chit Chat: Fall Break I have just had a relaxing four day weekend from work. We had a short Fall break from school on Thursday and Friday. I mainly spent my time off at home relaxing and doing things that I enjoy. It was a stress-free time with little thoughts of work, grading papers, or preparing assignments. I took the time off to recharge my batteries so that I can go back to work today and get things accomplished. Sometimes, I worry and stress over work related things so much that I keep working at them even when I need a break.

So, how did I enjoy my time off? Thursday, my brother and I went into town and did a little shopping. Then I took some time to surf the web and do a little retail therapy online. Friday I made bear claws, read some of Pride and Prejudice, and then my siblings and I had pizza and movie night. Saturday, we made pumpkin whoopie pies and had a delicious Italian dinner. We also made a few Halloween crafts, those will be coming to the blog soon. Sunday we spent more time decorating for Halloween and completing a few tasks for the upcoming week.

Now, I feel rested and recharged. I am ready to go back to work and to accomplish the tasks on my to do list. I am ready to eat lunch with my "lunch bunch" and catch up with them to see what they did over break. What would you do with a few days off from work?

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  1. Wonderful photo!

    Have a lovely week dear :)

  2. We're on fall break right now! Zoo today!

  3. We have no fall breack! T_T So jealous!
    Btw amazing pic! :D

  4. I'd love to have a day off and make some whoopie pies!!!! I wonder what a "day off" from being a mom would be like? My best girlfriend says that girl trips totally revive her for when she comes back to the kids. I told her I may be ready to do one once my baby is about 1. Until then, I'm working on mini outings like getting my nails done or going to the flea market! Perfect weekend!!

  5. Thumbs up for resting and recharging, looking forward to seeing the Halloween crafting. I still hope Halloween will be a thing over here too!

  6. Hello from Spain: In my spare time I like to travel. I read that a lot of your rest. Fabulous days. Keep in touch


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