The Sunday Edition

pastel homemade donuts
The Sunday Edition
In case you missed it: 10 Ways to Show Your Appreciation.

Plus, Weekender Bags Under $100.

The most perfect smoking slippers.

A sweater with sequin embellishments.

A floral dress for fall and only $16!

A pretty little lace black dress.

Have you seen Ashley's secret to growing longer hair?

Raquel's three ingredient Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles look delicious.

How adorable is Laura in her panda bear skirt.

What to look for when buying a chic bag for less.

How to Get Air-Died Waves When It's Cold Outside.

Ever wondered why celebrities make successful fashion designers.

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  1. That panda bear skirt is adorable! I love it. :) P.S. Those donuts are seriously making me drool. Happy Sunday!

  2. Ooo thanks so much for mentioning those truffles... I seriously wake up and crave them sometimes, that is how good they are!


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