Fall Fashion: Animal Accents

Tory Burch Studs - Madewell Tote just beautiful- Fox Sweater available soon - Black Jeans - Heat Wave NARS Lipstick pop of color - Dolce and Gabbana Gold Nail Polish - Leopard Print Oxfords

Fall Fashion: Animal Accents One Fall fashion trend that I am on board with is adding animal accents to your look. It could be an owl ring, a sheep sweater, or some zebra print that you use to add some animal accents to your outfit. In the look above I specifically chose the fox sweater because I love the colors and the fox is so adorable. I think brown and black is just a perfect color combination for Fall. I chose the leopard print shoes just because I liked them and afterwards I realized that they fit the theme of my look by incorporating more animal accented items. A total accident but it works! Items like this sweater definitely aren't serious. They infuse a little playfulness and childish fun into your wardrobe. What do you think?


  1. Oh yea, I'd definitely wear this.

  2. Love that sweater!

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  3. That sweater is super cute. I so plan on adding some animal sweater this year.

  4. I love animal accents, too! That fox sweater is too cute.


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