Stylish For Less: Under $30

fashion under $30
Stylish for Less: Under $30
Dip Back / Multi-Chain Tassel Necklace (what a statement!) / Sleep Shirt (adorable!) / Saddle Bag / High Waist Skirt / Striped Skirt / Knit Beanie (pom pom love!) / Crystal Earrings / Chain Belt / Penny Loafers / Hammered Layer Ring / Cat Eyed Sunglasses (only $8!) / Wrap Watch

I love each of my stylish for less finds this week. Every piece is so pretty and chic it is hard to believe that they are under $30 each. This perfect for the office red top is a favorite of mine and is only $17. It would look great paired with a tailored blazer or even matched up with this skirt. Let me point out that this sleep shirt has a tiny elephant on it! And the tiny elephant is wearing a tiny crown! Could it possibly be more adorable? It just may be a must buy Christmas gift for a few ladies I know. Have you found any noteworthy steals lately?


  1. Love the skirt n shoes!

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  2. I need new shiny gold shoes. My old gold loafers from Target are gettings too worn out.


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