Halloween: Pumpkin DIY Ideas

Halloween: Pumpkin DIY Ideas Here we are getting in the Halloween mood and have done a lot of decorating this weekend. We love Fall and decorating with pumpkins. I have been searching on Pinterest for pumpkin decorating ideas that involve no carving and these are some of my favorites. What do you think? I am really loving the Witch pumpkin and want to do that soon. I also love the pumpkin vase idea, but I think I will save that for Thanksgiving. It would make a great centerpiece on the table.

We have been planning our Halloween party. We have mailed out our invitations, came up with multiple costume ideas for ourselves and our family, and we have been planning the menu. Tracy and I have already settled on ideas for our costumes and we have been trying to help our family members decide on costumes. I keep talking to my friends so that I can figure out what they have decided on, but most people are still undecided! Are your dressing up for Halloween? As for food we have chosen some things but have several recipes we would like to try out to determine if they will make the cut. Do you have any ideas?

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  1. OMG that bat pumpkin is adorable, love it!

  2. I love how there are so many festive ways to dress up a pumpkin! Your Halloween party sounds like it will be so much fun!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I'm quite excited for halloween, especially since it falls on a friday!!! yay! :D

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  4. I love a good painted pumpkin and then after I just wash the paint and carve them!

  5. Wonderful! In my country is so difficult found this type of pumpkins!

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  6. Wow, you two are so organized and I LOVE all the ideas. Can't wait to see what your costumes will be too. :)


  7. I love the idea of painting pumpkins.

  8. i always forget that it's perfectly acceptable to decorate the OUTSIDE of your pumpkin! i've seen so many ideas i want to try. love the bats. i have no idea what i will dress up as this year!

  9. Love the pumpkin-vase and the gorgeous flowers that are in it!

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