Happy (Halloween) Weekend

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Happy Weekend
Wow, what a week. After a busy and extremely fun weekend I just never seemed to get enough rest to be fully on my game this week. Work is crazy right now and my desk is looking scary so I tried my best to push through but all I really wanted was to spend an entire day napping.

Jessica and I hosted our Halloween party last Saturday and it was so much fun. After it ended I immediately wished I had time to plan and successfully pull off a holiday party this Christmas. This weekend we will be hosting an out of town guest who has the most impressive collection of unique board games ever. We have invited a few more friends over Saturday night for a game night. Sunday evening we will be getting together with our family for our Dad's birthday dinner.

What does the weekend have in store for you?

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  1. So happy that it's finally the weekend! Happy Halloween!

    Ellie | wunderstar

  2. Board games are such fun and really break the ice if some people don't know each other well. Have a fab weekend with your friend.

  3. I spent most of halloween at work doing over time :( I did get to see everyone else dress up though! Yesterday I went to Sculptures by the Sea, it was quite lovely :)

  4. That sounds fun. All we did was scary-oke at the karaoke bar lol.


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