Merging Fashion Into Your Interior Design

Merging Fashion Into Your Interior Design
When you think about fashion, the chances are your thoughts will drift to the great fashion shows in major cities such as New York, London and Paris. Stunning outfits with simple or intricate patterns, beautiful materials and the constant popping of flash bulbs (or at least their digital equivalents) serve to remind that fashion, in many ways, makes the world go round.

The clothes, designs and styles may seem out of reach in terms of your wallet, but the fashions you see on the runway will quickly seep into the mainstream, and especially into interior design.

The great thing about merging fashion into your interior design is that it doesn't have to be expensive, yet at the same time it can look really stunning when used imaginatively.

Color Your Creativity

If there's one aspect of fashion that you can't ignore, it's the colors, and in the spring and summer fashion shows of 2014 there was a great new wave of pastels, ideal colors to mix and match around the home to provide a restful and pleasant environment. Yellow proved particularly popular, and given its association with brightness and sunshine, it's not surprising. Combining yellow and other pastels with gray has also been a discovery made by many.

It's easy to incorporate some of these aspects into your home. Perhaps some paint on a wall to set off a piece of art, or buying some fashion-inspired throws or cushions will get you into the fashion mode. Though fashion moves on quickly, interior design is catching up to mirror what is trending, so you can easily add cool designs to your home.

Powerful Prints

Prints have always been a favorite for fashion designers, and while they don't necessarily suit everyone’s taste when it comes to interior design, you might think about making a bold statement in one of your rooms. What you do inside your home reflects your personality, and if you are a fashion lover, you will want that to come to the fore.

Characteristic Collections

Many top designers and labels are very conscious of the fact that people enjoy including fashion elements in their homes and so are developing or already have developed collections to stimulate and delight.

If you're looking for some carefully designed items, you'll have a great range of choice from some of the major fashion houses, and it's up to you to decide what you want.

For the bedroom, you may want to incorporate items of bed linen that will match with rugs and occasional furniture from the same label. In other rooms, you could choose wallpaper and a range of accessories to compliment one another.

In the living room, you could look to a minimalist design, a few artfully positioned designer cushions on chairs and sofas set off by attractive wooden shutters. Not only do shutters add a real sense of chic to a room, but you can also choose from a wide range of shutter styles to suit your tastes.

However you decide to incorporate fashion into your home, with a good eye and imagination, you'll create a home to be proud of in no time.

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